sam-ghandchi Why IRI Loudly Supported Hamas/Hezbollah Attack on Israel
Sam Ghandchi

چرا ج.ا.ا با سر و صدا از حمله ی حماس/حزب الله به اسراییل حمایت کرد

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Three weeks ago, Hamas and Hezbollah suddenly attacked Israel. Attackers and their IRI supporters were very loud about the support of Islamic "Republic" of Iran (IRI) for that latest tragedy. As explained at the time, I do not like to spend my time discussing relations of Israel and Palestinians, nonetheless, more than 14 years ago, I wrote my views about the strategy of relations between Iran and Israel, and still think the same! However, I believe the reason for what IRI did three weeks ago was *not* just to upend 'Abraham Accord' and discredit the Arab states supporting it. It seems that IRI wants to draw a line in the sand that Russia cannot speak on behalf of IRI with the U.S. and Israel! Furthermore, the recent verbal attacks of Mohammad Javad Zarif in his so-called leaked tape against Russia with regards to what happened in the war against Daesh in Syria, seemed to utter the same thing! If my guess is right, then IRI must change its official position of not talking directly with the U.S. regarding JCPOA, Israel and other matters! As noted in my note in Persian three weeks ago, I do not know Mr. Bijan Kian, but still believe the 'Cyrus Accord' he was pursuing, maybe the best route for negotiations between Iran and Israel through the U.S., whether the current Islamic Regime is in power in Iran, or a secular democratic regime replaces it! In fact, two years ago, perhaps, IRI's missile attacks on Saudi Oil, started in a similar vein, but in the end spiraled into the terrible tragedy of Flight PS752!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
June 2, 2021


















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