sam-ghandchi Short Story of My Faradid Blog at VOA
Sam Ghandchi

داستان کوتاه بلاگ فرادید این قلم در صدای آمریکا

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I worked for 8 years at Voice of America (VOA) Persian Service from 4th of July 2005 to 1st of January 2013 as a Web Editor contractor. In July 2012, at the time of JCPOA negotiations between Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and the U.S., suddenly VOA-Persian started a few Persian blogs, and the management suggested to me to have a blog on the VOA website too! I did not ask any questions and accepted and called my blog 'Faradid' which in Persian means 'beyond what the eyes see.' I was totally free to choose what topics, and how to write, and enjoyed writing Faradid blog for six months and worked on the articles on my own time. Around the end of 2012, JCPOA was finalized between IRI and the U.S. In December 2012, I received a 2-week notice from VOA Human Resource Office that my contract with VOA will not be renewed for the new year! And January 1st of 2013 was my last day at VOA!  Still after all these years, I study the articles I wrote in Faradid blog and am happy for having done the research work on those topics.  At the present, the archive of Faradid is linked to the 'Futurist-Iranscope' page of my personal website.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
May 20, 2021


















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