sam-ghandchi US, IslamicKKK, and Iranian Opposition
Sam Ghandchi

آمریکا، کوکلاکس کلانهای اسلامی و اپوزیسیون ایران

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We have already discussed a lot about similarities of rise of IslamicKKK and Fascism and why it is best for US and European democracies to strongly confront IslamicKKK today politically, ideologically, and culturally, so that the world situation does not end up like years leading to WWII, when democracies finally had to deal with Fascism, militarily, bombing Berlin, and even at the end, using an atomic bomb in Japan! Today, in reality, as far as the US is concerned, the main threat is considered to be Russia and China, and not IslamicKKK! It is true at times like during IRI (Islamic Regime of Iran)'s hostage-taking of US Embassy staff in Tehran of 1979, or during Al-Qaedeh's Sept11th attack in New York in 2001, those particular Islamist attackers became priority for the US, but strategically, confronting IslamicKKK, is not the priority of US and European democracies, just like the way, rise of Fascism was not viewed as a priority by Western Democracies before the beginning of WWII, and the likes of Chamberlain were appeasing Hitler! In other words, in late 1920's and during 1930's, Fascism spread all over the world, including within the intellectual circles of New York even among some of the Jewish intellectuals of that time; and also in countries like Iran when Fascism was not confronted politically, ideologically or culturally until it became a serious military threat to the world in second half of 1930's! At the present, IslamicKKK is spreading rapidly in Africa, and also in Asia, and beside the Middle East, it is spreading not just in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh but in countries like Indonesia, and we already know it is even spreading in Europe in countries like France; and Iran's IslamicKKK is creating alliances in Latin America, in countries like Venezuela and we see spread of Islamism as a grass-root current even inside the USA, and in some regions of Russia and China! Nonetheless, as noted, it is not viewed as a major threat by the Western Democracies!


Frankly considering the current situation, Iran's political opposition facing IslamicKKK for 43 years, should not count much on its allies in the Western Democracies and needs to rely on itself in this complex struggle! Also we should remember that not all Muslims in Iran are IslamicKKK and not all political Islamic parties are IslamicKKK. It is true unfortunately Islamic political forces such as Nehzat Azadi (Mehdi Bazargan's Party) helped the rise of IslamicKKK in Iran, but groups like them and similar forces are not IslamicKKK!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 26, 2021


















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