sam-ghandchi SOR:My Request for Security Clearance Disapproved
Sam Ghandchi

اس او آر:درخواستم برای «سکوریتی کلیِرَنس» تأیید نشد

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I just received the SOR in response to my request for security clearance which had been disapproved 5 months ago! The reason for the delay was because the address it was sent to, was my previous home address that I had lost ownership about a year ago following the loss of my job at VOA. It is noteworthy that in the text of SOR, they write:


"During your security interviews you advised knowing a Captain in the Iranian Army, who disclosed to you that he was an Iranian military Intelligence Officer. You also advised that your brother was previously employed by the Iranian Justice Department."*


Regarding the first point, I was asked in the interview if I had ever worked on classified information, and in response, I said, that although I never had security clearance, but during the *Shah's Regime*, when doing my 2-year military service, once during that period, at the Computer Center of Iran's Imperial Ground Forces headquarter in Lavizan where I did my service as a second lieutenant, one of my commanders was an officer with the rank of Captain who was a rokne-do (i.e. military intelligence) officer; and sometimes he would ask me to translate some materials that were classified although I did not have clearance! I do not even remember his name, that was about 45 years ago during the Shah's regime! Regarding the second point about my brother. He was a civil court clerk in Tehran during Shah's regime and also during the Islamic regime, and he never had anything to do with politics and he is 80 years old now and has long been retired!


Along with SOR, I have also received guidelines (1, 2, 3), if I decide to make an appeal! As I have written in the past, many Iranians have taken their security clearance denial cases to DOHA appeal courts in DC, and one can see the results on the Internet which have taken years and years with enormous costs from their pocket! Personally I neither have the money to spend for such appeal process nor do I care to spend my time on court proceedings. Why I got a job at VOA in 2005 was to stay informed of Iran news because I like journalism, otherwise, would not have moved from California to DC in the first place, ruining my life!


Personally I am neither a spy for Islamic Republic of Iran nor for the USA. Saying this does not mean that I despise spies, because I actually respect some spies like Julia Child who helped the cause of democracy; she was an American cook specializing in French cuisine who helped the allies during World War II. As I have explained before, I have no problem to work for VOA, or CIA, or any other US government agencies, as a news editor or as a translator and that does not make me a spy! I would have no problem to work in Iran either, but as we know the situation for journalists in Iran is very difficult!


Actually I am a philosopher focused on science, technology, politics (democracy and social justice), and journalism, although I do not call myself a 'philosopher' because I believe one should not call oneself a 'philosopher,' it is up to others to call somebody a  'philosopher!' Of course, it is different for 'philosophy professors,' which I am not! As my resume and biography show, as a job, I have worked about half of my life in *engineering* (highway design, Software and IT Networking positions, management, etc) and another half of my life in *Journalism* (news editor, translator, web editor, etc). Now after 16 years since I moved to DC, I am planning to move out of DC area, because without having a security clearance it is very difficult to get a job in this area, although moving out is not easy when I lost all my family inheritance in this process. We will see. All the best!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 25, 2021
















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