sam-ghandchi Flight 752: Iranian Lives Matter
Sam Ghandchi
پرواز 752: جان ایرانی ها اهمیت دارد

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A few hours ago, Mr. Hamed Esmaeilion wrote: Why we believe Flight PS752 was intentionally shot down?


Yesterday I was walking in a city in the U.S. where the black population is not much. I passed by a few houses and saw they had the sign 'Black Lives Matter,' installed in front of their houses, i.e. the slogan popular last year when people were 'Protesting George Flyod's Killing!' And if we remember, at that time, in Iran, the Islamic regime strongly supported those protests in the U.S.! I was thinking to myself that we Iranians should do the same with regards to the murder of passengers and crew of Flight PS752! Maybe no other regime in Iran's history has committed such a crime against that many ordinary individuals who were not even protesting!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 10, 2021
















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