sam-ghandchi US Government and Iranian Opposition Groups
Sam Ghandchi
دولت آمریکا و گروههای اپوزیسیون ایران

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Yesterday, there was an announcement about closure of 300 MEK-related Facebook accounts. One Iranian human rights activist wrote a post on Facebook blaming Mark Zuckerberg for making such a decision and resembled it to actions of some big corporations in the middle of 20th Century, thinking this decision has been based on the activity of IRI Lobbyists and specifically NIAC! Personally I am a critique of both MEK and NIAC, and do not allow spamming by anyone on the Internet lists I own, but I can assure you this decision has nothing to do with arbitrary decisions by some corporations including Facebook. The reality is that *all* Iranian political groups make false reports to the US government about their adversaries and this has ruined the lives of many Iranians particularly the activists and their families including the times when someone applies for 'security clearance' in the U.S. to get a job in Washington DC! Just check the number of complaints by Iranians especially those living in DC, in the US government courts, and you can see this sad reality! In fact, this is why so many Iranian professionals avoid getting involved in political activity in the U.S., or join NIAC, to support them, because NIAC actually has the budget and staff to support its members in these kinds of situations, and all this, because the lives of many Iranians and their loved ones is ruined by such ill-actions that originate from various competing Iranian political groups! Today, Iranians have the opportunity to unite for a peaceful regime change to form a Secular Democratic Republic in Iran but all these much-ado-for-nothing is stopping such an opportunity and the winner will be the continuation of despotism of so-called Islamic "republic" in Iran. Last year in an article entitled 'CIA: Open Letter about Iranian Opposition,' I made a note about this issue too.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 7, 2021
















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