sam-ghandchi To Ayatollah Khamenei: The Dilemma of your Regime will not be Fixed by New Nuclear Threats
Sam Ghandchi
به آیت الله خامنه ای: مشکل رژیم شما با تهدیدهایِ اتمیِ تازه حل نمیشود

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Hazrate Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei,


You are negotiating very seriously with the United States to remove the economic sanctions. But the problem of your Islamist regime is not economic. On March 17, 2021, Mr. Reza Pahlavi in a histoic speech, announced that he is a republican and better than any other republican described the meaning of republicanism, whereas those claiming to be republicans in Iran during the Shah's regime, were Communists who axed the roots of republicanism for a century, when Stalin and Mao created their own lifetime states calling it a "republic" and even "freedom-giving," as introduced to the world. Now you are preparing to announce an Islamic Khalifat with your son Mojtaba as your crown price. Islamic "Republic" day after day is becoming worse than the "republics" of North Korea, Syria and the Azerbaijan "Republic." In such conditions you are negotiating with the US and Europe and are making Atomic threats, and based on support of China and Russia, exactly doing what North Korea has done for decades. But North Korean people despite existence of a real secular democratic republic in the South, have not reached the understanding of republicanism because from the beginning they made a revolution with the program of Communist "republics" and did not have the background of republicanism before the era of the Communist Camp. Iranian people from 200 years ago at the time of Mohammad Shah Qajar have considered real Western republics but during the Constitutional Movement because of influence of British operatives in Iran, people's movement put aside the idea of a 'republican regime,' and even afterwards, because of the dominance of the leftist ideas in the opposition for a century, real Western republicanism was forgotten and lifelong communist regimes were introduced as a republic by the opposition, but the people themselves at the time of 1979 Revolution who better than the opposition groups understood dictatorship, wanted a 'real republic' and Ayatollah Khomeini misused this desire of Iranian people and invented Islamic "republic" and called the late Shapour Bakhtiar who was a real republican as a "puppet" of the monarchy and pushed him to the side. But during the last 42 years, Islamic Regime was the biggest enemy of 'republicanism' in Iran and did not allow secular candidates for presidential or parliament elections and you just wanted the votes of the seculars to justify your Islamic Khalifat as a "republic". This is the main problem of your regime and will not be solved by nuclear threats. Many of those who like to justify your regime by calling it a 'republic,' are continuing their attempts by so-called "reforms," whether without making noise such as the Islamic so-called Reformers or by making tensions such as Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But regardless of the goals of them all, if Iran is ever going to have a 'Nelson Mandela,' the way can be summarized in one word and that is to officially accept 'Full Separation of State and Religion,' otherwise during the last 42 years there was no 'republic' in Iran and 'Islamic Khalifat' has been ruling which you are making it hereditary just like Omayids. All Nuclear discussions and the day to day sideline news made up by your intelligence groups on the Internet are useless. Your threats to Internet freedom will only be your loss. Today the Middle East is not that of the days of Taliban rule when the Internet was illegal in Afghanistan, rather in the same Afghanistan, Internet is completely free, not with filtering which you are making it worse and want to make it the so-called "National Internet" which is an 'Intranet' prison for the whole of Iran. Today Dubai is in front of the eyes of Iranian youth which has established normal relations with Israel and not like the Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) putting Iran's Nuclear centers in danger of Israeli bombing which can end up in a nuclear winter and like Japanese militarism during WWII, this time Shiite clergy of Iran will be the cause of Iranian people's misfortune, and after such a nuclear disaster which you will be the reason for, for centuries Shiite clergy will not be able to raise their head in front of people. This is the futurism of today which is because of your hard stand to avoid having a 'real republic' in Iran, ending the situation of Iranian people to this fate, you are standing up to the wishes of Iranian people of the last 2 centuries for a real republic, not a CommunoFascist republic of the last 42 years in Iran that the Shiite Islamists have shaped! Learn from pre-Mandela South Africa and allow a secular democrat with a platform to 'separate state and religion' to participate in the presidential election which is planned in two months, instead of Iranian people to be in blood to reach the republic they have fought for in the last 2 centuries! With your current plans for the upcoming presidential election, this author for my part, just like all other Iranian republicans in Iran, will boycott the presidential election which this Islamic Khalifat is going to hold!



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
March 30, 2021
















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