sam-ghandchi Reza Pahlavi's Historic Speech Rejecting Hereditary Government

whatever has come from inner self feels close to the heart
Sam Ghandchi

سخنان تاریخی رضا پهلوی در رد حکومت موروثی

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Yesterday in the website of Iran's Transition Council, the historic speech of Mr. Reza Pahlavi in rejection of hereditary government was published, that if we want to describe in the language of Iranian poet Saadi, we should say 'Whatever has come from inner self feels close to the heart!' Meaning that despite the likes of this author had written 14 years ago in the tradition of John Locke that 'Monarchy Means Discrimination Based on Ancestry,' nonetheless this author discussed about the discrimination against the people who did not have the right to be able to become a king, whereas Mr. Reza Pahlavi who is himself the crown prince of Pahlavi dynasty, has also shown the other side of the coin in his speech, meaning that when someone is born to a royal family, it is expected of him to choose a certain profession in his life, i.e. the realm of politics and monarchy, in other words, a reverse discrimination, which some like Buddha resisted and pursued their own interest in life which brought a different message for humanity! If John Locke because of expressing the discriminatory truth of the system of monarchy went to exile from UK of his times to Amsterdam, today neither the UK is that UK, and nor the UK decides for the world, and it has been 200 years passed the time when the US with its revolution showed a new way for humanity, i.e. Modern Democracy, which is none other than republicanism, which is continued to this day, nonetheless in this second way, just 14 years after the US, the Great French Revolution made an error and instead of Republicanism, it replaced the dictatorship of revolutionaries in place of the despotism of monarchy, and later the trouble of restoring the monarchy of Bourbons and Orleans were endured before they established a democratic republic, the same way the Communist countries such as the North Korea of Kim Jong Un and the likes, in the name of republic, have ushered in political despotism. I wish after the speech of Mr. Reza Pahlavi, not only the Islamic currents also denounce their anti-republican so-called "republics" but also the remainders of 1979 Communists, once and for all, reject Dictatorship of the Proletariat, because Communist republics in the 100 years of Twentieth Century have shown everywhere, they are not a road to democracy, and are alien to republicanism, and in the recent years, we discussed a lot about the need that 'After Democracy, How to Prevent Regeneration of a Tyranny in Iran!' Three years ago in an article entitled 'Mehestan: Unity of Secular, Democratic and Futurist Supports of Republicanism' the republicanism proposed by Dr. Esmail Nooriala in Mehestan was discussed as the basis for the unity of Iranian opposition, but today, Mr. Reza Pahlavi's explanation of republicanism, did the best to express the idea. Secondly the issue of a two-tiered government which although I have criticized in the past, and was described by Mr. Reza Pahlavi as two positions of 'protector of state' and 'protector of homeland,' but the real issue, just like the issue of federalism, can be resolved in the constitution in the framework of Lockean 'Checks and Balances' because it has to do with all three powers of the state as we see in the United States, of course I wish even in the US the head of the Judicial Branch was also elected by the people! Nonetheless, despite the US government not being a 'two-tiered system,' and the country being a 'federal' system, but it has been able to retain its unity for more than two centuries and only once in its mid-life experienced a civil war endangering the national unity, which was a dreadful experience, but its reason, was neither federalism nor being a 'one-tiered' government, and it was because of ignoring the basic human rights of about half the population of the country naming the discrimination against the blacks, which threw the country to such a point of collapse, nonetheless, federalism is a serious danger for Iran. In any ways, all these shortcomings can be resolved in a framework of 'Checks and Balances' and the main obstacle to unity of Iran's opposition was removed this week! Moreover if Mr. Reza Pahlavi wants to take the leadership of secular democratic opposition of Iran, none of these issues matter, and it is his personal decision, although he has shown his capabilities as a futurist political leader, and would have the support of this author as well, and with best wishes for more success for Mr. Reza Pahlavi, in whatever he chooses to do. Happy Nowruz to all wherever in the world you happen to be at this time of the year.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
March 17, 2021


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