sam-ghandchi Scientology/Dianetics: Trump, Sarah Palin, Dr. X and IPC
Sam Ghandchi

ساینتالوژی/دیانتیکس: ترامپ، سارا پیلین، دکتر ایکس، و آی پی سی

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I supported President Trump's Middle East policy and in September 2020 wrote Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for achieving Israel UAE Abraham Accord, and I still believe in what I wrote. Nonetheless, I always thought of President Trump and Sarah Palin whose pictures are highlighted on IPC front page, to be associated with Tea Party and all my articles about their views was discussing Libertarian and Tea Party political views. Although that may be true, but it seems to me now that President Trump, Sarah Palin, Dr.X and his IPC site are all related to Scientology/Dianetics and I hope I am wrong. Twenty years ago in an article entitled 'Futurism versus Cults of the Past,' this author discussed various cults including political cults such as Communist cults, as well as Psychological cults like Scientology/Dianetics and Est. The Persian edition of my article has more details. The best source of my article was a book entitled 'Snapping' by Flo Conway and Jim Sieglemann which I highly recommend. You can also find an excellent article by them entitled 'Information Disease' linked here. In January 2021, at the time of riots near US Congress during presidential transition, in a communiqué entitled 'Announcement about Dr. X and IPC Site,' I distanced myself from Dr.X, IPC and their views. I also asked them to remove all my articles from their site because did not want to be associated with them anymore. They said they cannot remove my articles. I moved on and simply blocked all their email addresses and have not had any contact with them since. During the last few months I wrote several articles about the tensions in Washington DC, the last one being 'Tea Party, Progressives and the Need for Moderation' calling for 'moderation' because I just thought the issue was a political problem with Tea Party views that I had discussed from day one they were formed and later had discussed Tea Party views in Persian as well. I hope I am wrong about my guess now in this matter seeing the whole thing as a Scientology/Dianetics issue, and not just a political difference, but unfortunately do not have time to spend on this topic anymore and prefer to keep my distance from it all. American investigative reporters have published a lot about Scientology/Dianetics and am sure will do more as this is a very important issue in US life and politics. With my best wishes.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
March 6, 2021
















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