sam-ghandchi Feb 11: LGBT Flag Trampled by IslamicKKK Bikers
Sam Ghandchi

بیست و دوم بهمن: لگدمال پرچم «ال جی بی تی» توسط کوکلاکس کلانهای اسلامی موتورسوار

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According to a report of 6rang website which has also been reflected in an IranWire report, hezbollahi bikers, for a second consecutive year, on Feb 11th this year, i.e. the anniversary day of Iranian 1979 Revolution, in a march, trampled on a flag of LGBT, which was spread on Revolution street in Tehran with insulting words written on it. In fact, it is an honor for homosexuals to be chosen as a symbol for spreading hate by IslamicKKK against the Iranian people. These hezbollahi bikers, from the first days of Iran's Reactionary 1979 Revolution, were symbols of attacks of this IslamicKKK regime, one after the other, targeting various sections of Iranian people, from throwing acid and cutting lips of Iranian women who had make-up, to attacking any dissident at home or on the street, and killing anyone they considered as a heretic even those former Muslims who had converted to Christianity. These actions that have continuously been supported by the Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) for 42 years, should remind the world community that if today a serious cultural, political and ideological battle with IslamicKKK is not done, five years later the world may have to enter into a situation which can like Holocaust and World War II, end up in more than 56 million casualties!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
March 5, 2021
















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