sam-ghandchi Setareh Derakhshesh: Truth Stranger than Fiction
Sam Ghandchi

ستاره درخشش: حقیقت عجیب تر از افسانه

P.S. 02/25/21:

P.S. 02/19/21:  Washington Times: VOA executive fired under Trump rehired by Biden

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I just heard that in US Government investigations of Ms. Setareh Derskhshesh, she has blamed my following article for her Fake PhD:)


I do not know to laugh or to cry:) I mean she has referred to me in her deposition by clearly stating my name 'Sam Ghandchi' and as 'former VOA Contractor,' but has forgotten that when I applied for a job somewhere else three years ago, and they contacted her for background check, she had said I never worked at VOA although everyone at VOA knows I was a contractor working six days a week for 8 years from July 4, 2005 before she ended my contract in December 2013!


Ms. Derakhshesh reminds me of some former Iranian communist leaders who like to use a new fashion and call themselves futurists and they both blame me for their failures! As the Persian saying goes: liar has a short memory. They are both neither real activists nor honest reporters. They all try to use Iranian people's struggle against dictatorship and Islamism as a way to gain fame, glory and position rather than defending the human rights of those who are struggling in Iran for a new world!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
January 30, 2021
















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