sam-ghandchi Again: Libertarians, the Left and Need for Moderation
Sam Ghandchi

دوباره: لیبرترینها، چپ و نیاز به اعتدال

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In the days leading to Inauguration Day 2021, I emphasized that as far as Progressive Socialist thought, and Tea Party Libertarian ideas are concerned, we all need to focus on moderation in the U.S. politics at this juncture of history! A week ago, I distanced myself from an example of Tea Party extremist ideas which I believe should be avoided, but at the same time, today, I read two articles (1 and 2) from two prominent authors inclined towards the left, which I believe, although the authors are *not* leftist extremists, but the articles may be on the other side of the political spectrum of this discourse. Five days ago I wrote why secular infighting is harmful to the current US and global situation, and as noted 10 days ago, politics is not a black and white thing and it is a lot about light and shade in between.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
January 21, 2021
















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