sam-ghandchi Post-industrial Society and Secular Infighting Again
Sam Ghandchi

جامعه ی فراصنعتی و دعواهای دوباره ی سکولارها با یکدیگر

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Half a century ago, we witnessed the collapse of Industrial Society and at the same time witnessed the rise of Post-industrial Society as best described by the late Daniel Bell, which meant the end of the two main paths of success of Industrial Society of the past, namely: Liberalism and Socialism! The collapse of Soviet Union in 1989 that was highlighted in Afghanistan, epitomized this new reality when it became synonymous with the rise of a new pre-industrial force namely Islamism of Taliban which used the rupture of Modern Civilization to make a comeback after centuries of remission. The recent fight of new Progressive Socialists and Tea Party Libertarians in the U.S. is not helping the progress of Post-industrial Society and is taking attention from confronting pre-industrial forces, thus impeding our progress. The way forward is Kurzweilian Futurism rather than trying to find answer in ideologies of Industrial Society which were useful for 300 years but their time has long passed for more than half a century and this is why we witnessed retrogressive movements like the New Age movement in 1980s that distracted us from progress. The best approach to the current turmoil in the U.S. is moderation, as discussed before, and the coming back of century-old cults to the scene is futile, as it was in 1980s, and these retrogressive cults, only exasperate progressiveness in the present epoch, and take us away from effectively dealing with pre-industrial attacks and particularly the serious threat of IslamicKKK to human civilization.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
January 16, 2021
















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