Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Tea Party, Progressives and the Need for Moderation
Sam Ghandchi

حزب چای، پروگرسیوها و ضرورت اعتدال

P.S. 01/21/21: Again: Libertarians, the Left and Need for Moderation

P.S. 01/16/21: Post-industrial Society and Secular Infighting Again

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On November 20, 2010, I wrote my opinion about the Tea Party in an article in English entitled 'Tea Party Illusion and Economic Reality' when the Tea Party had just started, and last year on May 29, 2020, wrote an article in Persian entitled 'Some People Remind me of Ayn Rand' which said the same thing, and I have nothing more to add. Also with regards to Progressive Socialists, just two days ago wrote an article entitled 'Social Justice: A Question for Progressive Socialists in US Congress' and I have nothing more to add. Regardless of my opinion about these two political forces, they are two new realities in US politics that cannot be ignored anymore. US politics is not just limited to two parties of the last two hundred years, just like Europe, and we all need to come to terms with this new reality and the secret to success is to avoid extremism and choose moderation. I have advocated the idea of a Futurist Party and Kurzweilian Futurism for years and although we are not a political force comparable to Tea Party or Progressive Socialists at all, and surely nothing in comparison to GOP or Democrats, but hope to work together with all political forces and choose moderation, whether a Republican president is in the White House or a Democrat. The recent events in DC and similar events in Charlottesville three years ago were regrettable and should never happen again. Politics is not a black and white thing and it is a lot about light and shade in between.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
January 11, 2021
















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