Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Social Justice: A Question for Progressive Socialists in US Congress
Sam Ghandchi

عدالت اجتماعی: سؤالی برای پروگرسیوهای سوسیالیست در کنگره آمریکا

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I have been discussing issues of 21st Century social justice for many years, and during the 2020 US Election last year, on several occasions, discussed the programs of Progressives.  I understand that Progressives are focused on social justice too, but contrary to this author who advocates Kurzweilian Futurism, they advocate Socialist programs through higher taxes. I have a question from the Progressives in the US Congress? Progressives may raise taxes on the rich for Socialist programs, but there is no guarantee that once those taxes are charged, the money will be spent on Socialist programs by the government! But already many of the rich who progressives intend to tax more, are paying for programs serving the public, a good example is the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. Also many corporations are focused on creating abundance which helps low income people more than most government programs, just look at some of the work done by Walmart that has brought down the prices of many products to a level that people who were hardly ever able to afford buying many such products, are able to do. But flatly levying more taxes on the rich or on such corporations would hurt the noted efforts by private sector.


Shouldn't charging new taxes or even the old taxes, take creating abundance by private sector into account. Can Progressive Socialists shed light on their understanding of these serious issues. We are not living in the 19th Century anymore and neither capitalism nor socialism have the same meaning as the 19th Century, and efforts to create abundance in all economic sectors including health and education, benefit lower classes more than all other government programs. I do not deny the importance of plans like European Welfare State for the poor but we cannot even execute such plans today even if we wanted to. Labor unions are a dying thing in America, because industrial labor is continuously shrinking and they were the backbone of Welfare State. We need new plans for social justice in 21st Century, not schemes that might have worked in 19th Century.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
January 9, 2021
















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