Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Anti-Americanism: Iranian Left Needs to Redefine Itself
Sam Ghandchi

آمریکاستیزی: چپ ایران ضروری است خود را از نو تعریف کند

پی نوشت پنجم دی ماه 1399: پيرامون آمریکا ستیزی چپ ایران

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Personally I am not a leftist and am a futurist and in the past, clearly discussed the differences and agreements of futurism and the left in an article in English in parts 1 and 2 and in Persian (1 and 2). But the left in the world was not always anti-American. Basically former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc in most of their history and also China prior to normalizing relations at the time of Nixon's trip to China meeting Mao, was Anti-American; and the topic of former Soviet strategy to destroy Capitalism and US at the top of it, was discussed in the past in English and in Persian. Nonetheless, many of the leftist forces in Europe, and in China after normalizing relations with the U.S. at the time of Mao, not only were not anti-American, but they considered the United State as their ally and in fact the Vietnamese Communists which had the longest war with the United States, now it has been decades that they have good relations with the U.S. and many Americans nowadays go to Vietnam to live there during their retirement years, and the Vietnamese government, considers U.S. as its ally to resist China's territorial demands. Thus, anti-Americanism has not been the left strategy everywhere at all times! In view of this author, it is necessary that Iranian left (including a major part of Jebhe Melli who are leftist), to end anti-Americanism because it has caused damage not only to the Iranian people but even to the left itself!


Basically in history the left is defined by seeking social justice. Of course, in view of this author, soviet style government desired by most of Iranian left, in reality is nothing but state economy and will not be any different and the discussion of public property in Marx and Engels' Manifesto, in its details is state property, and in practice ended up that way, and the choice of a planned state economy or an economy based on the market, have been the two choices in the history of industrial society and claims of the likes of Gramsci for some kind of self-government which was tried in some Eastern European countries such as Tito's Yugoslavia, in practice ended up in these two choices and will end up the same and the claim that a so-called "real kind" of soviet style economy can be any different is not anything but a dream and in practice it means all power will be centered in the hands of the government, and Gramsci himself remained in pro-Soviet party to the end. Nonetheless, the struggle of the left for social justice in a country where the economy is based on the market, not only is possible, but we have witnessed it for years in most European countries including Sweden, Austria, France, and U.K. and accidentally in most of those countries, leftist governments although siding with welfare state, not only are not anti-American, but they have been more pro-American than their conservative counterparts!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
December 21, 2020
















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