Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي A Corona Vaccine: mRNA a Vehicle to Train Immune System to Recognize Virus
Sam Ghandchi

یک واکسن کرونا: «اِم آر اِن اِی» وسیله ای برای یاددادن به سیستم ایمنی که ویروس را تشخیص دهد

P.S.03/16/21: This article was written three months ago when BioNTech vaccine that uses mRNA was just being discussed in the scientific community. BioNTech technology is actually the basis of successful Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine that is making headlines today. SG

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We have already discussed about what happened to genetics research during the last 8 years and nothing to add. Sixteen years ago, this author published a paper entitled 'Post-Anthropocentric Production,' and in that paper referred to Ray Kurzweil's work in that space, and among other genetics topics, discussion of mRNA was included. It was interesting to read today in AAAS journal that a promising new Corona vaccine uses mRNA to prompt cells to make a SARS-CoV-2 protein that trains immune system to recognize the Covid-19 virus!


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