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سؤالی از خوانندگان ایرانسکوپ نیوز همزمان

P.S. 05/19/21: Dear Readers, As noted 6 months ago in the following note, even authorities of Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) including presidential candidates of election 2021, planned for less than a month, or Mr. Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei the spokesperson of IRI's Guardian Council, have been added to these lists although personally I have boycotted this election! Nonetheless in the note below I had written that Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi is not added to this list and the reason is not due to his viewpoints (like all others), but it is because he is in charge of an organization that filters the Internet in Iran, a practice against freedom of speech and is condemned! Yesterday, a note about how to request to be added to these two lists of IranscopeNewsRealtime in Persian and English, was published again. SG

P.S. 12/16/20: Last night in Instagram the title change of Seyed Mojtaba Khamenei to 'Grand Ayatollah.'

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Yesterday 'IranscopeNews Realtime' started publication. I will not add users who use profanity towards anybody in their posts. But as far as political content, I have added Mr. Abdolreza Davari who represents Mr. Ahmadinejad, despite knowing for a fact that Mr. Abdolreza Davari supports succession of Ayatollah Khamenei by his son Seyed Mojtaba Khamenei. Nonetheless, I did not add Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi even though he is very active in twitter. Why? Because he is in charge of an institution that filters the Internet including Twitter in Iran. Of course I have my discretion in choosing anybody or any institution to add to my list but in this particular case, my decision was based on individual's support for Internet filtering in Iran!  I would like to know if my opposite decisions in these two cases that are both about individuals representing Islamic regime of Iran, seems right to you the readers or not? Please if you like, just state your views on the Internet and I will see it, and please do not send me private messages or email! Thank you. SG


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
December 15, 2020
















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