Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Communist Remedy for Regeneration of Capitalism: Suppression
Sam Ghandchi

دوای کمونیستها برای بازتولید سرمایه داری: سرکوب

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Twenty five years ago I published my articles in a few different places including two years in an Iranian leftist web site called 'Akhbar Rooz' whose editor was from a faction of Fadaeian Aksariat. One day I sent them an article in Persian about Ahmadinejad's claims of social justice and in which I had written Ahmadinejad's promises are just like those of the communists, an imagination of social justice in words but dictatorship in reality. I had written an article in Persian and English with similar analysis three weeks before that discussing Karl Popper's views. Both articles were first published and then removed from that site and then they removed all my articles from their archives and in an email to me their editor said that their editorial board are socialists and are partial to socialist justice and cannot publish material that unjustly equates foundation of their beliefs with Islamic Fascism or any other anti-humanist thoughts. In other words, they would censor Karl Popper's works too! I wrote a response about the whole episode in an article 25 years ago which they never published, and that was the end of publishing in that site for me. At least this was less painful than the death threat I received from a certain communist group in Iran when in 1980, I rejected Marxism while still living in Iran!


The reality is that Communists have always been worried about 'regeneration of capitalism' even after they succeed to take power and this is not only expressed as an error in Marx's Critique of the Gotha Program as 'Dictatorship of the Proletariat,' but it was expressed explicitly by Lenin and Mao when they were at the zenith of their power as well when they both expressed their worry that commodity relations even if it is just a simple exchange between something individuals have as personal goods in a Communist society, can regenerate Capitalism. As discussed in an article by this author two years ago entitled 'After Democracy, How to Prevent Regeneration of a Tyranny in Iran,' existence of private property can also prevent regeneration of a tyranny. In other words, both for democracy and social justice, one should continue to strive in any society. There is no utopia to be achieved by suppressing any vestige of commodity relations to guarantee ever lasting democracy and social justice, rather such plans including dictatorship of the proletariat have been the recipe for despotism in half of the world in 20th Century and we should never repeat that mistake with whatever good intentions anybody may have under the banner of socialism or communism or similar ideas. Humanity has already paid a huge price for that error! The way to achieve democracy and social justice at a higher level than what has been achieved under liberal democracy and social democracy, is a lot more fundamental than using these dictatorship formulas and it has been extensively discussed in a book entitled 'Futurist: Humanity's Nowruz in 21st Century; New Variant to Meet Human Needs.'


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
November 30, 2020
















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