Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Supplement to 'Theory of Uniqueness Value' after 31 Years: Pricing of Postindustrial Products
Sam Ghandchi

ضمیمه ی «تئوری ارزش ویژه» بعد از 31 سال: قیمت گذاری کالاهای فراصنعتی

P.S. 05/30/21: Kurzweil: Intelligent Tools, Singularity and Obstacle

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I wrote a paper entitled 'A Theory of Uniqueness Value' in 1989 and had discussions with the late Daniel Bell about it at that time. Daniel Bell, in his 1999 Foreword to the new print of his magnum opus 'The Coming of Post-Industrial Society,' noted something called 'codified knowledge' as what distinguishes post-industrial products from industrial products. For example if we look at a state-of-the-heart ASIC, it is this codified knowledge that separates it from the competition. Basically pricing of post-industrial products is based on 'barrier to entry' for making another product of the same power or more of the 'codified knowledge' found in the existing products. The harder to be able to penetrate the 'barrier to entry,' the more a certain post-industrial product can enjoy higher margins and a monopoly price, just the same way the value of an artwork like Mona Lisa was discussed in the 'Theory of Uniqueness Value' paper. In other words, intelligent products have an upper limit which would be the power of human brain! Currently Ray Kurzweil says that as far as hardware is concerned, we have passed the power of human brain and it is only the software that is lagging. Whether we reach the point of Singularity of Intelligent Tools passing the human brain sooner or later, it seems like, still 'barrier to entry' remains as the criteria for pricing the post-industrial products. In other words, once 'barrier to entry' breaks down for any product, the rules of commodity products which date back to pre-industrial societies, define pricing, nonetheless, the speed at which we see products taking shape from 'concept' to actual 'products' in the market today, is accelerating 'abundance' of commodity products in the 21st century, unprecedented in human history, as discussed five months ago in the 'Supplement 2020 of Futurist Party Platform!'


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