Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Shy Leftists and again about the Views of Yuval Noah Harari
Sam Ghandchi

چپ خجالتی و بازهم درباره ی نظرات یووال نوح هراری

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Six months ago on April 16, 2020, when finding a solution for Corona pandemic was in the center of discussions of Iranian opposition, this author wrote an article entitled 'Yuval Noah Harari: Corona Pandemic' as a critique of an article by Yuval Noah Harari that was published in the Time Magazine, and was being advertised by some Iranian leftist currents here and there as futurism. Yuval Noah Harari although being an Israeli author but perhaps all his works thanks to the leftists' support, have been translated to Persian and published in Iran under the Islamic regime. His discussions are essentially the current leftist so-called "globalist" views of the same leftists who used to openly oppose 'globalization' and every minute or so would protest against World Trade Organization (WTO) in Davos, but later became "globalists," with a definition similar to Communist International of Tito's type which has nothing new today except for what former Yugoslavian dictator Tito, presented to pretend as something new in face of the Stalinist left, in the middle of 20th Century and their so-called view of the world was to stand in the middle of the Capitalist and Socialist camps of the time, something worthless as they presented no new analysis of the world! I do not know why some Iranian supporters of these views of some in the 'left,' like to call their views as 'futurism," which it is not, and it is best to be called "Titoism!" Futurist thinking from the time of Bertrand de Jouvenel to Daniel Bell till today, was never to say it is something between capitalism and socialism, but always emphasized itself as being beyond industrial society whether capitalist or socialist. Maybe these friends are shy to call their views as 'leftist'! The reality is that there is no problem in cooperation between any current of the left and the futurists as long as we sincerely acknowledge our differences and agreements! As noted six months ago, the reduction of power of nation-states, was already at least discussed in detail in the paper entitled 'A Futurist Vision,' and there is nothing new in it:


"If families lost their economic and political functions centuries ago, it is in our lifetime that nation-states are losing their power roles."*


In the last half century, 'Kurzweilian Futurism' and technological 'Singularity' as presented in Ray Kurzweil's book 'Singularity is Near,' has been something new in the 21st Century, and these kinds of discussions of a few in the left are basically repeating the Titoist views of Yuval Noah Harari which might have been something different from the Stalinist Left at the time of Khalil Maleki who lived in 1950's and 1960's in Iran, but today, really these kinds of views are unable to analyze the current changes in our world and are waste of time both for the left and the futurists!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
November 17, 2020
















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