Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي IRI: 42 Years of Cold War, Suicide Atomic Bomb and NIAC Lies about Medicine
Sam Ghandchi

رژیم اسلامی: 42 سال جنگ سرد؛ بمب اتمی انتحاری، و دروغهای نایاک درباره دارو

P.S. 11/29/20: In the last two days, there has been a lot of press about a so-called "Iranian Oppenheimer" killed in Tehran! Oppenheimer in the U.S. and his counterpart Sakharov in the former Soviet Union were both famous because of expressing regret for making a bomb that could cause a nuclear winter to end the existing biological life on Earth. We do not know if the so-called "Iranian Oppenheimer" had ever expressed any regret for making a presumed nuclear bomb, but we know if existence of such a nuclear bomb is true, it is a suicide bomb and the victims will be the Iranian people! How many more times should we write about the Danger of IRI-Israel War .. and What Iranian Opposition Needs to Do, before people take it seriously? Hope Iran's transition out of this Islamic regime (i.e. IRI), to a secular democratic alternative, happens before it is too late. SG

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IRI hostage-taking of 42 years ago at the US Embassy in Tehran, started a Cold War. Soviet Union's Cold War was when it was one of the two global superpowers; but Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) is just a regional power! IRI by its atomic program, created a suicide bomb situation. North Korea did something similar in its own kind of Cold War which lasted even longer. This is exactly suicide bombing with the difference that Iranian people have not chosen to be the actors of this suicide bombing! There is a group called NIAC based in the U.S. telling Iranian emigrants and its American audience, as if it is trying to stop this Cold War from developing into flames of a real war. In contrast to Soviet-US Cold War, this IRI-US Cold War is actually a real war, when using a suicide atomic bomb threat. Many NIAC leaders help the propaganda that US sanctions are the cause of shortage of Insulin or the medicine for Parkinson's disease in Iran. US sanctions have nothing to do with shortage of medicine in Iran. Those responsible for the shortage are the hoarders who work hand in hand with the administration of IRI President Hassan Rouhani and data of shortage of medicine used by NIAC are provided to them by the same IRI officials who work hand in hand with the hoarders network. And NIAC is now working together with Elizabeth Warren making false propaganda as if they are helping Iranians who need medicine, but it is these same people she is supporting who are the cause of the shortage of medicine in Iran. US has not sanctioned medicine in Iran, IRI and the hoarders working with them are the cause of shortage of medicine for Iranians whose lives are in danger from illnesses such as Parkinson's and Diabetics! Mr. Hassan Rouhani has been warned about the cooperation of his cabinet members with hoarders of medicine causing the death of Iranian people who need these medications, and he has done nothing about it, and instead, IRI is spreading misleading data through these NIAC leaders who work hand in hand with IslamicKKK to spread their propaganda.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
October 30, 2020
















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