Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي To Mr. Hassan Rouhani: Parkinson's Medicine; Sanctioned or Hoarded!
Sam Ghandchi

به آقای حسن روحانی: داروی پارکینسون؛ تحریم یا در احتکار

P.S. 10/30/20: IRI: 42 Years of Cold War, Suicide Atomic Bomb and NIAC Lies about Medicine

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This is not hearsay. A very close relative of mine in Iran who is 80 years old, needs to take one tablet of Madopar and one of Sifrol ER 0.375, daily, because of having Parkinson's disease and cannot find it in Tehran. He has never lied to me in his life and never cared for politics at the time of the Shah nor during Islamic regime, and I am 100 percent sure he is not making a political statement and is telling me the truth. US says there are no sanctions on medicine for Iran and I have verified it and it is true. There are members of President Rouhani's cabinet in charge who are connected with criminal hoarders of medicine in Iran.


Mr. Rouhani, please do not play with the lives of Iranian people and fire those individuals in your cabinet who are either criminals connected to hoarders of medicine or are incompetent and responsible for this situation. Moreover, I do not care for all the innuendo, and Iran's government needs to immediately announce a place in central Tehran and other cities where this medicine to be readily available for all at normal price. There are no sanctions on medicine! Enough lies!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
October 21, 2020
















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