Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Contrariety, Contradiction, and a Huge Dilemma in the Realm of Iranian Politics
Sam Ghandchi

تقابل، تضاد، و معضلی بزرگ در عرصه ی سیاستِ ایران

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Contrariety means black and white, and the light and shade in between, and a middle point which is for example called 'grey.' Contradiction means black and anti-black, white and anti-white, or for example the negative and positive charge in electricity that destroy or neutralize each other and considering a 'middle point' for contradiction is meaningless. In history of philosophy, discussion of 'middle point' or Aristotle's 'theory of mean,' is noteworthy, and many have misunderstood, like Anaxagoras, who also allowed a middle-point to contradictions, which is meaningless:


"This is the crux of Aristotle’s ‘theory of mean’ which was counter to both Heraclitus and Anaxagoras. Heraclitus considered only contradictions and did not understand contraries which do admit intermediates. On the other extreme, Anaxagoras only understood contrarieties and thus even thought that contradictions also admit intermediates. Aristotle considered both contrariety and contradiction and his theory of mean was founded on this conception. Aristotle clearly says that 'Contradiction admits of no intermediate,  while contraries admit of one, clearly contradiction and contrariety are not the same. (Aristotle, Metaphysics,  Book X, 1055b 1-4, p. 842)'." (Quoted from Section IV of a paper entitled 'Futurism and Aristotle's Pluralism' written in 1984)


In the realm of politics of Iran, whether in the opposition or the position, regrettably 'contrarieties' have not been understood and the foundations of all work is built on 'contradictions,' and this way, as much as we may like to talk of 'light and shade' within the framework of contradictions, it is just like the attempts of Anaxagoras, i.e. meaningless, and it will not get anywhere, and before even the ink on any agreements for coalitions, unities, or even for a simple gathering are dried, they split apart, instead of the agreements be considered as guidelines for an effective cooperation!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
October 15, 2020
















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