Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Navid Afkari; For Years Regime Executed in Kurdistan on IRGC Killing Charges
Sam Ghandchi

نوید افکاری؛ سالها ست به اتهام پاسدارکشی در کردستان اعدام کرده اند

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Ever since this IslamicKKK regime has been ruling Iran, I have not woken up from sleep with any good news. Just a few minutes ago, I read the news of execution in Shiraz of Navid Afkari the champion wrestler of Iran with charges of 'killing an IRGC member' and the news of protests of people all over the world on the Internet who are appalled with all these executions in Iran. A month ago, late Mostafa Salehi was executed using the same charges by the regime. Two years ago in this same Iranian month of Shahrivar, Kurdish Ramin Hossein Panahi, Loghman and Zaniar Moradi were executed on similar charges and their bodies have still not been returned to their families. Today other parts of Iran witnessed what Kurdistan has experienced for more than 41 years, and that is execution with false charges of killing IRGC members. In fact, creation of IRGC in Iran, was declaration of war with Iranian people and the first mission of IRGC was attacking Kurdistan with insults to 'Omar' who is as much revered and holy for the Sunni Muslims as Hazrate Ali is for Shiite Muslims, and people of Kurdistan defended themselves in face of IRGC military attack 41 years ago, but the Islamic regime with regards to all that happened in Kurdistan, blames the Kurds and says nothing about the brutal attack of IRGC in Kurdistan. During December 2017 Uprising and two years later meaning a year ago in November 2019 Uprising, armed attack on the protesters by IRGC and Islamic militia killed thousands of people and if anybody has defended themselves, the IRGC is guilty, nonetheless, all evidence shows that Navid Afkari did not kill any IRGC member. At the same time, thousands of people were killed by IRGC including Pouya Bakhtiari who was killed less than a year ago in the days of November 2019 Uprising when Pouya and thousands of people without any arms were protesting the hike of gasoline prices on the streets of Tehran and were targeted by IRGC and even afterwards late Pouya Bakhtiari's 40th day memorial was banned and his family were imprisoned. Today the IRGC which by the order of its commanders a few months ago killed 176 passengers and crew of Flight 752, murdered Navid Afkari on charges of killing IRGC members. The commanders of IRGC should be kept accountable to Iranian people and all human rights supporters in the world, and the first step is to ask for trial of IRGC commanders and all those responsible for murder of Flight 752 passengers and crew in an international court.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
September 12, 2020
















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