Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Corona & Simulation: Fauci, CDC and NIH are to Blame, not Trump
Sam Ghandchi

کرونا و سیمولاسیون: فاوچی، سی دی سی و اِن آی اچ تقصیرکارند و نه ترامپ

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This author respects Dr. Fauci for his work on HIV/AIDS but we are in a different times when healthcare executives have failed to grasp that old-fashioned clinical trials are themselves the reason for failures of timeliness in the medical field. I myself have been among many talking about simulation as a way to deal with the problem, but Dr. Fauci has not even referred to simulation even once in all his frequent appearances on TV which shows these old doctors have no understanding of AI which has been publicly described more than 35 years ago. Let's not blame President Trump for all these failures with Corona 2019 virus and start using simulation that Ray Kurzweil suggested years ago when President Obama was cutting the budget of CDC and NIH indiscriminately based on recommendations of their executives, instead of changing the methods of NIH and CDC which were still following the old ways of thinking of their executives, the likes of Dr. Fauci. Neither President Trump nor President Obama were healthcare experts and we should blame the healthcare executives who did not take the time to learn about simulation. All they had to do, was to invite Ray Kurzweil to their office to learn this new way of doing things in 21st Century instead of thinking they know the best solution; Avicenna also was very knowledgeable about medicine and he even invented Quarantine, but if he were alive today, he would need to learn Artificial Intelligence.


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August 8, 2020
















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