Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Media Generals: A Help U.S. Can Provide for Iranian Opposition
Sam Ghandchi

ژنرالهای رسانه ای: کمکی که آمریکا می تواند برای اپوزیسیون انجام دهد

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One thing US can do for Iranian opposition is to facilitate the distribution of publications of Iranian opposition. I know there are broadcasts such as VOA but that is not what I mean. VOA basically redistributes what major global news agencies such as Reuters and AP broadcast. The reason is obvious. VOA is headed by US government career employees who cannot take risk in their publishing efforts and at best broadcast within the limitations of US Department of State. And today is not times of VOA of 1942; all news of Reuters and AP and the likes are already available even in the most dictatorial countries. In contrast, although what Iranian opposition groups publish cannot be verified but they have something to say which is not available in mainstream media and all of them do not have the money or the tools to distribute their news and articles. US government can help with this not by directly contacting them and not by choosing and/or deciding what to publish from those sources which would end up with what we already see on Reuters and AP, but rather just facilitate the distribution of all those sources without deciding about their authenticity and this can be accompanied by a disclaimer of US Government that those sources and their news are not views of the US Government.


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August 2, 2020
















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