Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Monarchist and PMOI Leaders and Agents' Atrocities

Sam Ghandchi

رهبران و جنایات مأمورین

Postscript July 21, 2017: This article was written 13 years ago about monarchist and mojahedin agents, who in the Internet try to intimidate and create fear by labeling their opponents as Islamic Republic agents, to prevent criticism of Prince Reza Pahlavi and mojahedine khalgh organization.




It is not a new thing that the agents of a regime, such as the Savak of the Shah's regime or Vevak of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), in their dungeons, torture and execute their opponents, while the leaders of the country, in their press conferences, smile and claim of not being informed about such atrocities that are done by their functionaries.  Also it is not anything new that states like the Bush Administration, to talk of democracy and freedom, while their army in Iraq, with the implicit approval of the higher authorities, commit despicable crimes, as was done during the Vietnam era. Moreover, the heinous beheading of American Nick Berg, and the interviews of Ayatollahs, religious leaders supporting Islamism, and the states supporting Islamism, such as IRI, without feeling any responsibility for such crimes, is not new either, and both before and after Sept 11th, we witnessed it, and reminds us of Ayatollah Khomeini's kill fatwa for Salman Rushdie. And the world had seen these kinds of crimes before Islamism too, whether by Fascism or Communism, before and after Stalin's purges, and none is anything new. Also the leaders of opposition outside power, such as Iranian monarchists and MKO (Mojahedin Khalgh Organization), send their agents to various people's gatherings, and Internet discussion forums, and the agents make all kinds of *personal* attacks against the leaders and forces of the pro-democracy movement, while as in the past, Reza Pahlavi and Mariam Rajavi, in their press conferences, smile to reporters and claim not knowing anything about these actions of their agents, and of course this Official versus Unofficial Iranian Monarchy is not a new thing either.


What is new is the fact that the Internet has made it possible for the leaders of political forces to be directly answerable to people.  I have noted, time and again, to Reza Pahlavi and other leaders of Iranian monarchy, and also to Rajavi's and other leaders of MKO, not to use Internet aliasing facility to send their agents, to attack Iranian pro-democracy forces, and instead, like the pro-democracy forces, to use the Internet facilities, to directly answer to the people.  But in practice again, in words, Reza Pahlavi and mojAhedin speak of not knowing about the action of their agents, while the organizations and individuals related to them, work round the clock, attacking the leaders of Iranian pro-democracy movement, with the methods of Shah's Savak.


The agents of Reza Pahlavi and mojAhedin come to independent discussion forums, and using aliases, call the leaders of pro-democracy movement, by all kinds of dirty name-callings, so that they can force them to reciprocate, or to make them silent, when Reza Pahlavi and Mariam Rajavi, are very polite and nice, in staged interviews, doing public relations for the world opinion. The agents of RP and MKO take advantage of the civil and free attitude of independent forums, and using alias facility on the Internet, they target the leaders of Iranian pro-democracy movement, who have the courage to come to these places with real name, to discuss political issues, and these agents like Sha'boon Bimokh in 1953, attack the ones they have targeted, with a "personal* fight facade. RP and Rajavi do not participate to be accountable, and instead act very clean and nice in Fox news interviews, while their agents like the time of Shah's Savak, attack their opponents. I would prefer if Reza Pahlavi and Mariam Rajavi would come forward with all these dirty words, rather than their agents.  What is the use of polite facade of political leaders, when their agents clandestinely make *personal* attacks on their political opponents. These kinds of hidden attacks, ended up in torture and murders of Shah's time, when many of the pro-democracy activists of Iran, were tortured and murdered.


Personally I have determined that these aliases, are not uninformed people, and are not agents of IRI, acting as monarchist or mojahedin, doing these dirty works, and they are all directly connected to monarchist and mojahedin cults.


I think in all these gatherings, the attacks of agents of Reza Pahlavi and Mariam Rajavi, should be responded in kind, but not to the meaningless aliases, rather to Reza Pahlavi and Mariam Rajavi. Response in kind for *self-defense*, in my opinion, is the right of the participants of these forums, so that we do not reach a day again, when these forces attack us with bullets, and we be forced to do self-defense against their bullets. With self-defense in discussion forums, nobody has ever died.  Why Reza Pahlavi and Mariam Rajavi are afraid of participants of these gatherings?  If they are afraid of swear words, their agents are making hundred times of those swear words to pro-democracy activists, misusing the freedom on these forums. Internet has made it possible for all political forces to be transparent (shaffAf).  I prefer the least amiable leaders, who are willing to participate in free discussion forums, to the PR experts like Reza Pahlavi, with their pleasant smiles on TV.  Nobody participates in the discussion forums of monarchists and mojahedin. People go to free direct forums on the Internet, and face the round-the-clock work of the agents of monarchy and MKO, on these forums, doing *personal* attacks on pro-democracy leaders, who are directly responding to people, which again shows that monarchists and mojahedin have also understood, that Iranian people do not care for monarchy and MKO.


If the U.S. wants like the 1953 CIA coup, to bring back these forces to power in Iran, all I can say is, as I wrote before, that Reza Pahlavi & MKO are U.S. Liability in Iran.  The Myth of Democratic Monarchy in Iran is not just a dream, it is a scary nightmare. Iranian pro-democracy movement unlike the years of 1951-1953 or 1979-1981, should not allow the Sha'boon Bimokhs and Allah Karams, to take advantage of our politeness and civility, to  Use Freedom to Kill Freedom. For Iranian democratic forces, in the day after the fall of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), the most important thing is *not* the establishing of democracy, but just like the time of Mossadegh and the first year after 1979 Revolution, *protecting* democracy in the face of the likes of Sha'boon Bimokh and Allah Karam, will be the key to longevity of democracy.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

May 19, 2004


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