Down with Reza Pahlavi and Iranian Monarchy


I have been writing for a long time that if Reza Pahlavi is sincere about his call for Human Rights, to condemn the Savakis who keep harassing the pro-democracy activists, including myself, even before monarchists return to power.  But Reza Pahlavi instead of condemning these individuals, and apologizing to people like me, has these abusers in his organization. 


I have confirmed that the individuals who do these harassments are working with Reza Pahlavi and they try to use the finances that they have, to pressure the Iranian opposition like myself.  Contrary to the monarchists, we have no financial support from anywhere, and are risking the life of ourselves and our families, and are having all the life hardships, to speak for our individual rights and democracy in Iran.


The Iranian monarchists have financial support and use it to harass opponents, rather than participating in dialogues, where they have been allowed to say as they wish, on Iranian forums like Jebhe BB.  Thus I conclude that there is no hope to get the Iranian monarchy to support democracy in Iran, and when RP does not care about the attack on individual rights now, before coming to power, he surely will not care afterwards. 


Reza Pahlavi is acting just like Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who on one hand would give promises about democracy less than a year before the Revolution in May 1978, and on the other hand his Savak and military were suppressing and killing people two months later in August 1978.


I think the reason the monarchists attack Jebhe Melli is because they know that both the United States and  the old time Iranian bureaucrats would only be considering an old organization like Jebhe Melli as an alternative to monarchy, and not new organizations that are forming by Iranian youth now.  Monarchists like to talk of youth a lot, to use the youth to get monarchy win, because they know the foreign states and the old timer state officials would not consider the small groups seriously as an alternative to monarchy.


Personally I think Jebhe Melli is one of a few democratic organizations in our modern history. I have written my differences with Jebhe in the past.  I wrote in the past that the future is neither monarchy nor the old Jebhe Melli,  but Jebhe has advanced especially in the area of democratic cooperation with other forces of Iranian democratic movement, while the monarchy is still as it was, when run by the same Savakis, trying to force those who oppose it, by harassment and threats.  It is time to say good bye to monarchy for good.


I think Jebhe Melli is a democratic organization that deserves the support of all freedom-loving people, although I think we should form a futurist party and the old organizations cannot lead us into the 21st Century, but as far as the battle of Jebhe and Monarchy, I fully support Jebhe Melli as the one old organization, that has learned to be with other forces in a democratic way, whereas Monarchy is still as despotic and dictatorial as it always has been. 


I would also like to encourage other governments to talk to Jebhe Melli regarding the future alternative to IRI.  The monarchists try to depict Jebhe as collaborators with IRI and mollahs, whereas the monarchists themselves are the ones who are making deals with mollahs in secret, and are not coming clean on secularism, even being outside Iran.  Jebhe Melli is taking secular positions and is working on a secular constitution with others, for future Iran, while monarchists are compromising secularism, and trying to come back to power by being ambiguous about the future and by harassing others.  They try to talk of Swedish Monarchy to sell Iranian Despotic Monarchy of the same Savakis.


I would like to encourage everyone to participate in the discussions of the future constitution of Iran's future secular republic at the Jebhe Melli bulletin board.  That is a free forum and even monarchists and Savakis have been free to post harassments of genuine posters and that is all they have done on that board, always trying to stop the move of Iranian people towards writing our own constitution for a secular republic, trying to pull us back to the past monarchy.  Please come and voice your opinion for the future constitution and do not leave it to another king to unleash Savakis on us again, once in power:


The monarchists like Sha'boon Bimokh, who live freely in Los Angeles, are criminals from the time of 28-mordad, and it is like allowing a Nazi Fascist to live freely in the U.S.; and he is treated as a celebrity by the monarchist TVs of Los Angeles; and also Savakis who have murdered people at the time of the Shah, freely live in the U.S., and are still involved in harassing Iranian pro-democracy activists.


Savakis should be brought to court, whereas Reza Pahlavi is using them in his organization.  This is like having X-Nazis in a new German political group and still talk of human rights.  These criminal Savakis should be dealt with in courts of crimes against humanity, right here in the democratic United States, and not be allowed to harass and kill Iranian pro-democracy activists today, or in the future Iran.


Down with Reza Pahlavi and Iranian Monarchy.


Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
Nov 18, 2003





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