Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Rep Barrett Attacks Victims of IRI Terrorism



I just read the legislation bill HR 3075 that has been introduced by South Carolina Republican Congressman Gresham Barrett  to stop the people of Iran and other terrorist states from visiting or studying in the U.S., and to deport those who are currently studying or visiting within 60 days.


Is Rep Barrett the first one in the U.S. Congress to help the terrorist states by punishing victims of terrorism, for the crimes of terrorist states.  I am afraid not, and this erroneous view in Congress has not been particular to Republicans either.  Senator Dianne Feinstein from the Democratic Party has introduced similar bills in the past two years.


Iranian people are the ones who have been fighting the IRI terrorism for 24 years and the pro-Democracy movements in Iran and other terrorist states are the main battles against terrorism in the world, and punishing Iranian people by such legislations, simply means helping the terrorist states, and hurting the victims of terrorism.  If Rep Barrett or Senator Dianne Feinstein want to fight terrorism, they should help Iranian pro-Democracy movement, which they have not done.


Do these members of Congress even know how to end terrorism?  I wrote a book Futurist Iran four months ago where I showed ending Islamist terrorism means to end the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), which is the cradle of terrorism, by the pro-Democracy movement of the Iranian people.  Even some major publications in the U.S. wrote reviews on my work of futurism versus terrorism.  The point was simple and these representatives continue to miss, that ending terrorism is equal to success of the pro-Democracy movement inside the terrorist states.


My question to Rep Barrett and Senator Feinstein is that what they have done to help the pro-Democracy movement in Iran and other terrorist states?  If they have not done anything, it means they are not fighting terrorism and just want to create some misguided bills to make a commotion as if they are doing something about terrorism, whereas in reality they are helping terrorism by introducing such misguided legislations.


I have written extensively on Islamist terrorism and about Sept 11th.  Also I have no illusion about IRI President Khatami and the so-called reformists, and I hope to end Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and form a secular republic in Iran.  My issue about this legislation is that it helps IRI and does not hurt it.


Last December, I wrote a suggestion to the U.S. Politicians, INS Officials and American people to stop racial profiling and mass arrests of many Iranians and nationals of other Middle Eastern countries that followed in Los Angeles.  My suggestion was simply to have any such requirements for all visitors across the board and not by nationality.  Why? 


Because if the purpose is to stop terrorism, who says the terrorists are nationals of, or carry passports of terrorist states.  In the worst case of terrorism on Sept 11th, the terrorists were not nationals of countries designated as terrorist states and they were not carrying passports of those countries.


I am a supporter of democracy in Israel.  But at the same time I condemn the misguided racial profiling which has started in Israel, and is the reason for added racial resentments in that country, and doing it in the U.S., only adds to the racial tension, and does not help the fight against terrorism, and in fact it helps the terrorist states by creating resentment for the Western democracies.


These policies only help the IRI lobbyists who get the support of Iranian nationals, when Iranian nationals, that is the victims of terrorism are discriminated against by such policies, and this way the terrorist state of IRI is strengthened, rather than weakened.


Treating the nationals of terrorist states as terrorists is the worst that anybody can do in fighting terrorism.  In fact, the nationals of such states are the ones who should be singled out to be helped two-fold, because they have the double-burden of fighting these terrorist states, not only for the sake of democracy in their own country, but also for the sake of security of the rest of the world.



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
Sept 28, 2003

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