Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Danielle: Kurzweil Paints Futurism in a Children's Novel

Sam Ghandchi

دَنیِل: کرزوایل آینده نگری را در یک رمان کودکانه به تصویر می کشد

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A month ago in an article entitled "Spirituality: Compare Kurzweil with IslamicKKK," I mentioned Kurzweil's first novel <Danielle> when it was just published. We are all familiar with Ray's great inventions such as OCR and Kurzweil Music Systems and know him as the leading visionary futurist and legendary technologist of our times with books such as Singularity is Near proposing a technological singularity based on exponential growth and Law of Accelerating Returns. In his new enclave as a writer of a children's novel, Ray Kurzweil paints a hopeful vision of humanity’s future in <Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine>. Danielle is a story of an extraordinary girl as she uses her super-intelligence and accelerating technology to take on humanity's greatest challenges. With the help of her sister, Claire, and her friends, Danielle travels the globe fighting poverty, curing disease, and bringing about world peace. Two non-fiction companion materials: <A Chronicle of Ideas>, and <How You Can Be a Danielle>, bring the story of Danielle to life while providing powerful tools to inspire readers to turn their ideas into action—free and immediate access to these digital companion books are available at, and for related materials, please click here.

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