Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Reason of Iran's Economic Woes

Sam Ghandchi

دلیل مصیبتهای اقتصادی ایران




Twenty one years ago in an article focused on new technologies, I argued that the world market has become a buyer's market similar to the way people buy a hamburger at McDonalds, when at the same time they have a choice to buy a similar product next door from Burger King or Wendy's, and noted the ramifications of a buyer's market for producers. The oil market today is not what it used to be when OPEC first started and we have been in a buyer's market for decades and especially since US domestic oil production has increased manifold in recent years and Russia has become extremely active in oil and gas market. Regardless of the economic disasters resulting from backward nature of IslamicKKK ruling Iran (IRI), the economic woes of Iran are related to lack of understanding the reality of a buyer's market for oil industry which was even true in the last years of Shah's regime when the oil economy was no longer like the early 1970's of Arab Oil Embargo and actually Arab states of the Persian Gulf have understood this new reality for a long time. As we saw in recent years when Europe and IRI were upset with each other, it was the European consumers that placed oil sanctions on Iranian oil, and not the other way, which definitely shows the reality of a buyer's market.

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Sam Ghandchi
June 1, 2019

















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