Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Choice is not between <War> and <Peace>, Choice is between <Islamic Regime> and <Iran>

Sam Ghandchi

انتخاب بین «جنگ» و «صلح» نیست، انتخاب بین «رژیم اسلامی» و «ایران» است

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Leaders of a regime who imprudently wore IRGC uniforms in Islamic parliament in Iran when IRGC was placed on the US terrorism list showed the same imprudence years after years when uttering <Death to America> slogans in that same so-called parliament while sending their own children to the United States with huge amounts of money to study and live abroad (1). The warning of the US President two days ago was very clear and it was the result of 40 years of <Death-to-America Slogans> of leaders of the Islamic Regime ruling Iran. In reality, today, the choice is not between <war> and <peace> because the first means destruction of Iran militarily and the second means destruction of Iran through fully paralyzing economic sanctions. The choice is between the <Islamic Regime> and <Iran> and the continuation of the <Islamic Regime> will mean the <official end to a country called Iran>. As noted yesterday, the peaceful way to pass the Islamic Regime is by agreement of regime and opposition on the leadership of Mr. Heshmat Tabarzadi to resolve this impasse peacefully (2). This is the only reasonable route otherwise Iran will be destroyed by spilling blood or through total economic bankruptcy, famine and cholera.

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
23, 2019




1. About IRGC


2. Is there a Leader Like Yeltsin inside Iran, Yes Mr. Heshmat Tabarzadi
آیا در داخل کشور رهبری نظیر یلتسین وجود دارد؟ بله مهندس حشمت اله طبرزدی
















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