Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Remember IranAir655 Tragedy, Let's Condemn IRI Hiding Missiles in Commercial Freights

Sam Ghandchi

تراژدی پرواز 655 ایران ایر را به یاد آوریم و مخفی کردن موشک در کشتی های تجاری را توسط ج.ا.ا. محکوم کنیم

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Do you remember the Iran Air 655 tragedy at the time of Iran Iraq War, it all happened because Islamic Regime ruling Iran (IRI) misused passenger airplanes for military purposes which made Iran's passenger planes a target during the war. Today sources close to both US Democratic Party and US Republican Party have confirmed IRI's hiding of missiles in Commercial Freights in the Persian Gulf. Other sources in Persian Gulf and international press have confirmed the news. Iranian people have once suffered from IslamicKKK ruling Iran doing exactly the same thing which led to the deadly IranAir655 incident 31 years ago on July 3, 1988 and we need to condemn this similar action of IRI right now that the news is published.

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Sam Ghandchi
16, 2019


















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