Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Spirituality: Compare Kurzweil with IslamicKKK

Sam Ghandchi

معنویت: کرزوایل را با کوکلاکس کلان های اسلامی مقایسه کنید

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IslamicKKK that are striving to push back the wheel of history to 1400 years ago talk a lot about spirituality whether they are the Sunni version like Al Quaeda and Daesh, or are the Shiite version of Iran's Islamic regime and IRGC, but all they have brought us in the last half century has been death and destruction. At the same time, a scientist inventor like Ray Kurzweil talks about science, technology and approaches the world in a fashion Karl Popper described in his book Objective Knowledge as discussed a while back in "Is there Room for Metaphysics in Modern Sciences," nonetheless, Kurzweil has brought more caring in his writings than all those religious bigots (1).  Kurzweil tried to resurrect his late father because of love and not because of hate. He worked with his daughter and published a novel called Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine which is also about changing the world, but surely not the kind of change IslamicKKK wants to usher in, when every few months, they murder more people in the name of Allah. Simply compare the young girl in Kurzweil's novel with what Iranian girls have been experiencing at school and in society in Iran in the last 40 years and judge for yourself which one smells more of spirituality (2). Personally I had a prostate cancer surgery four months ago on January 3, 2019 and I did not want to make anybody worried and only two people beside my immediate family knew about it: Ray Kurzweil and Dr. Esmail Nooriala. Ray has done a lot to use Artificial Intelligence to help with cancer research. Kurzweil is on the board of United Therapeutics which is working on use of patient's own DNA to grow organs to be used in organ transplants in the future which not only will have better chance to work in patient's body but it will put an end to the buy and sell of human organs. Kurzweil's words when I was fighting cancer were very caring for me but objective, scientific and up-to-date which gave me more strength to face my condition. I have been totally nonreligious, scientific-minded person since 8th grade, but my issue is not with people who are religious, it is about the reality we can easily observe that objective knowledge can be accompanied with spirituality as much as any religious belief. It is all about the individual as once discussed in "Scientific Worldview and Meaning of Life" (3).

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
May 7, 2019




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آیا در علوم جدید جایی برای متافیزیک وجود دارد، ویرایش دوم


2. Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine


3. Scientific Worldview and Meaning of Life 
جهان بینی علمی و معنای زندگی

















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