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Sam Ghandchi

در حاشیه ی کشتار 50 نفر در مسجد نیوزیلند توسط یک وایت سوپریمسیست

Students perform traditional Haka to mourn New Zealand mosque shooting victims




More than three years ago 100 innocent people were murdered by Islamist terrorists in Paris and the world cried with "Je Suis Paris" (1). Last week we witnessed a similar atrocity in two Christchurch mosques (2), as we had seen in a Pittsburgh synagogue six months ago (3), but these new atrocities were committed by terrorists who believe in White Supremacy (4). Last week an Iranian human rights activist by the name of Emadeddin Baghi from *inside Iran* wrote about this turn of events that Daesh was successful in attacking the basic Western values by creating a group similar to themselves (5).

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
March 18, 2019



1. From NY to Paris, 15 Years of Terror 
از نیویورک تا پاریس، پانزده سال ترور


2. در حاشیه ی کشتار 50 نفر در مسجد نیوزیلند توسط یک وایت سوپریمسیست

3. P.S. 03/16/19: Christchurch NZ Mosque Massacre: Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre
راه حل غلط سی اِن اِن برای مقابله با قتل عام کنیسه پیتزبورگ


4. White Supremacists at odds with the New Middle Class
وایت سوپریمسیستها با طبقه متوسط جدید مسأله دارند


5. یادداشت عمادالدین باقی در ارتباط با جنایت یک وایت سوپریمسیست در مسجد مسلمانان در نیوزیلند 


















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