Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي President Trump's Impeachment after Mueller Report is Released, Yes or No?

Sam Ghandchi

استیضاح پرزیدنت ترامپ پس از انتشار گزارش مولر، آری یا نه؟




Robert Mueller's Report is expected to be released any day now. Some people say that if it really had anything to impeach the president, Mueller would have done it long time ago. I believe perhaps Mueller wanted to use all the time he could have, to collect as many documents as possible, rather than being in rush to kick-start the impeachment process. Thus, it seems like we may have an impeachment process in the near future, although doing an impeachment of a US president does not necessarily mean conviction. On a different matter, I should mention again that a US president was questioned and insulted by many including the press during the last two years but we did not see even a nose to bleed and this reality has shown the resilience of democracy in the United States as noted in December of 2017 (1). In December 2017, in Iran, a huge pro secular democracy uprising refered to as khizeshe96 broke out
(2), and we still hear about the victims who were murdered by the IslamicKKK of Iran (3), yet the victim's families were coerced to keep silent all this time (4). More comparison, a few hours ago a woman sent a photo of an IslamicKKK harassing her for protesting compulsory hijab in the city of Babol in Iran (5).

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
March 6, 2019



1. In Trump's First Year, US Democracy Proved again to be Resilient
در سال اول ترامپ، دموکراسی آمریکا استقامت خود را دوباره ثابت کرد


2. khizeshe96



3. About IslamicKKK of Iran

درباره کوکلاکس کلان های اسلامی

4. توضیحات پدر امین کرکی یکی از کشته شدگان اعتراضات 96 در ارتباز با پرونده پسرش


5. Masih Alinejad: A harassment report by a woman from the city of Babol in the Caspian Sea area of Iran, she was protesting compulsory hijab and was harassed by an IslamicKKK


















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