Now AyAtolLah Baqer Hakim is Victim of Fatwa KIlling


It was just four days ago that I wrote about "Islamism Disintegrating and New Fatwa Killings" when Ayatollah Mohammed Saeed al-Hakim  was the subject of a terrorist attack and today the news is that SCIRI Shi'a leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim himself has been killed in a terrorist attack in Iraq along with tens of others.


Hakim's SCIIRI group was represented on the U.S.-backed Iraqi Governing Council and has been working hand in hand with the IRI terrorist Ayatollahs all these years and Ayatollah Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim is the same person who basically condoned the murder of Ayatollah Khoi a few months ago.


How long more are the fatwa killings going to kill the Ayatollahs themselves before the Ayatollahs announce that they condemn any fatwa killing, and *not* just the ones hitting their own group, and put an end to this tradition that is condoned along with stoning and maiming in Islam?  It is no longer the Ahmad Kasravi or Salman Rushdie being killed by those who kill people for their ideas. 


They are now even killing the rival Ayatollahs as Islamism is disintegrating and the religious leaders, from Ayatollahs to laymen, need to call an end to this savage practice.  Those who claim like Aghajari to be so-called "reformist", but still support Khomeini's kill order fatwa against Salman Rushdie do not deserve a Noble Peace Prize


The ones in the Middle East who have stood up to these heinous practices of fatwa killing, stoning and maiming, are the ones to be applauded for risking their life to denounce such savage traditions, that are practiced still by the Islamists.  Those who only condemn these fatwa killing practices when they or their friends are the victims of it have no respect for freedom of thought and human rights.


Again I would resemble what has just happened in Iraq to a movie of mafia Godfathers issuing death sentence for each other, with the difference that this is not a movie and is real life tragedy.  They are fighting for the position of the head of the failed Islamist mafia. On one side of Iraq, the Sheik Muqtada al-Sadr claims to be the one running the show, and in another corner, SCIRI leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqer al-Hakim with the help of IRI leaders was trying to secure more positions for his Islamist group in the US-led Iraqi leadership council. 


I suggested Western diplomats to ask Ayatollah Hakim if he is willing to condemn fatwa killing in Islam, when his own family became its target a few days ago? Now it is too late for him, but I hope other Ayatollahs to be asked, not to just condemn this killing, but to condemn the *fatwa killing practice* as a whole, a savage tradition that still lingers on in Islam.


It is so sad to see all this violence on the anniversary of Sept 11th when the world saw what Islamist fatwa killing means.  I wrote in my book Futurist Iran that futurism is the alternative to terrorism !


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
August 29, 2003





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