Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي A Weird Observation on my Twitter Account

Sam Ghandchi

مشاهدات عجیبی در حساب توییتری




My personal and iranscope twitter accounts are just regular accounts like anybody else and my *following* and *followers* are completely open for anyone to see, nothing hidden. I have never used twitter lists and actually did not even know they exist till a few minutes ago that I tried to search about the observation I want to discuss. So my twitter account, as young people may call it, is totally vanilla:-) True I read various posts of different twitter accounts from time to time but I only have less than 10 *following* and out of them only one or two ever post anything:) I also have about 400 followers and their names can be seen by anybody including myself. Now a few days ago I accidentally checked a twitter account because I saw a piece of news about an individual who is a well-known person and the news was quoted from their twitter account and I decided to check out the whole thread of the tweets on their twitter account. I was surprised that person was following my twitter account, but their name had never shown up on the list of my followers. I could actually send message to that individual, although I always discuss anything on my website and seldom have sent private messages to anybody in the 10 years that I have been on twitter. I thought that if anybody on twitter follows me even using a hidden list, twitter would show me that follower, if not publicly but to me when I log in to my own account. Apparently I am misinformed! I do not mind anybody following me and am actually flattered; but I guess my knowledge of twitter is too limited that all these things seem weird to me. I do not use social networks including Telegram and Instagram in which I once opened an account, but I never use them, and even Facebook and Twitter that I use, is just to inform people of a new posting on my Website. Nonetheless, I thought to share this observation with my readers. Maybe this is just a trivial thing for the real twitter users but it seemed weird to me. Below is a list of my twitter accounts in the footnote (1).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
15, 2019




1. Twitter personal and Iranscope accounts

@iranscope (mostly Persian posts)

@ghandchi (all my articles, Persian and English)

@ayandehnegar (my English articles and other English articles)

@iranscopetv (an old account that I have not used for a long time)
















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