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Sam Ghandchi

سیاست آمریکا برای ایران و ایرانیان به روز نیست




US Policy towards Iran and Iranians has been erroneous for decades and I hoped with the era of Donald Trump (1), to see a major correction and although President Trump himself has emphasized an out-of-the-box approach on this issue like other topics, but the change has been minimal. The reason is that US officials basically know former officials of Shah's monarchy or the current officials of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). Actually thanks to IslamicKKK (2) ruling Iran for 40 years, Iranians have become real republican, secular democrat, and futurist. This cannot be said about any other country in the Middle East. Some Iranian democratic opposition groups abroad are anti-American or as they say "anti-imperialist." The people inside Iran have nothing in common with such a view and are very pro-American. This was not true 40 years ago when the memories of 1953 coup in Iran in support of Pahlavi regime was strong and generally opposition to Shah's regime had become synonymous to opposition to the U.S. True if the United States fails Iranian people again, like what happened in 1953, this pro-Americanism may change later, but this is the reality today in Iran. Let us remember many of those who joined Islamic reformists inside Iran in the last 25 years when left Iran and came abroad, joined Prince Reza Pahlavi's monarchists. They do it because this is the only way they can exist, in the shadow of a power group. Otherwise if they talk to you in the privacy of their homes, and if they trust you, they will tell you that they do not support Islamic reformists or the monarchy, and want a secular democratic and futurist republic just like the United States. Some US officials think that monarchists or similar groups have potential support among the Iranian people. Nothing is farther from the truth. Also some other US officials look around for people like Ayatollah Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi as an alternative to mollahs who rule Iran. People inside Iran do not care for any mollah or any Islamist for that matter, whether to be those who rule Iran at this time, or Islamic Reformists, or MEK who is outside existing power structure in Iran by has a plan for an Islamic Republic of its own kind. The reality of current Iran is a nation totally republican, secular democrat and futurist wishing to have a republic just like the United States and this is not a cliché, it is the reality on the ground. United States needs to support secular democratic futurist republicans of Iran. They may seem like a small force and not as clear about their goals but they are representing the Iran of today.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
February 1, 2019





1. Donald Trump
دونالد ترامپ


2. IslamicKKK

کوکلاکس کلانهای اسلامی

















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