Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي CNN's Wrong Solution to Confront Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre
Sam Ghandchi
راه حل غلط سی اِن اِن برای مقابله با قتل عام کنیسه پیتزبورگ

P.S. 03/15/19: Christchurch NZ Mosque Massacre: Today, a similar tragedy occurred at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand which took the lives of near 50 Muslims. I still think curtailing our freedom of speech or more gun control will not solve the problem and we need the same security system at mosques, synagogues, churches, schools, libraries and other public places, as we currently have at the airports. And the issue of white supremacists needs more understanding of the changes that are happening to the structure of the middle class as discussed in an article entitled "White Supremacists at odds with the New Middle Class" (1). A related article was also written in Persian today about the Christchurch tragedy (2)




Another mass shooting massacre at a public place, this time at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. CNN blames it on President Trump's speech just like they did about the bombs sent to CNN, Clintons and Obamas last week (2). If you curtail the free speech of a US President on the grounds of its impact on a crazy person, it will be easy to stop free speech for an ordinary citizen. In fact, during Obama administration we witnessed a lot of curtailing of free speech by subtle ways including tons of gag orders. CNN may quiet President Trump but tomorrow the press can be quieted for subversion, like we witnessed in Joseph McCarthy era. The solution to all these shootings in public places, whether in schools, churches or synagogues is neither to kill free speech nor to execute more gun control. Criminals know best how to find guns. We simply need to have the same protection measures we use at the airports, in all public places, including schools, concert halls, bars, mosques, synagogues, churches. Despite being an honorable objective, but we cannot prescribe solving the hate problems in society, to prevent these massacres. A crazy person killed the Jews in the Pittsburgh Synagogue this week, the same way another crazy person killed many people at a gay bar in Orlando, FL two years ago (3). We cannot hope to fix every individual bigot, or to stop free speech blamed for their instigation, to solve the problem. All we need to do is to have weapon detection systems at every public place just like we do at the airports. Is it costly? Yes, but our lives are worth more. It is just like building construction requirements we enforce to avoid calamities in case of earthquake or flood.

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

October 30, 2018




1. White Supremacists at odds with the New Middle Class
وایت سوپریمسیستها با طبقه متوسط جدید مسأله دارند


2. در حاشیه ی کشتار 49 نفر در مسجد نیوزیلند توسط یک وایت سوپریمسیست


3. A Response to Horrific Attack on CNN, Oct 24, 2018, in US
پاسخی به حمله وحشتناک به سی اِن اِن، 24 ماه اکتبر 2018 در آمریکا


4. Condolences to LGBT and Others
تسلیت به همجنسگرایان و دیگران








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