What about Jomhouri.com?



Maybe the start of the following group is good news for IRI lobbyists because they now have a political group.  Please take a look at their website:


http://www.jomhouri.com/    Persian


http://www.jomhouri.com/plus/    English

1. The question for Bijan Hekmat, Mehrdad Mashayekhi, Babak Amir Khosravi, Mohammad Arasi and the rest of those who have signed the bayAnieh of this group is that how long more are they going to call the hegemonism of the hardliners as the issue in Iran rather than seeing Islamic Republic as a whole to  be responsible for all our last 24 years of suffering?


2. How long more are they going to push the 2nd khordad horse? Didn't the Iranian people give them the answer in the last City Council elections in March this year, when these folks wrote so much to encourage people to participate in that election, and the Iranian people overwhelmingly boycotted the elections?


3. Haven't they seen the students' demonstrations of Khordad82? Haven't they noticed that the likes of them, not differentiating a real secular republic from an Islamic Republic, are the reason some people are becoming sympathetic to the past monarchy, with a false belief that monarchists will bring secularism, when we all know most of the monarchists have the same problem as these IRI-supporter republicans, not seeing the need for *full* secularism, and that they still do not get it that Islamism must be confronted in Iran, rather than again giving concessions to separation of state and religion, which both these republicans and the Shah did.  When are we going to see that "Shi’a Clergy Should Be Kept Out Of State Offices of all Three Branches of Iran's Future Government?"


4. When are they going to stop badmouthing Tabarzadi, along with the mellimazhabi sAzmAne enghelAbe eslAmi who have been doing this all along, when basically they are helping the Baathist alternative for Iran.  The alternative of Shariati supporters like Aghajari, who kept supporting the death fatwa against Salman Rushdie, even when he himself was given one by the same clergy.


5. Amir Entezaam who originated from mellimazhabi Nehzate Azadi and even being in jail, has stood up to mellimazhabis (so-called religious nationalists), and has gained the wrath of even those like Sahabi. When are these leftist republicans going to get the courage to separate their way from the second Shariati rising, and the mellimazhabis who are pushing it with the help of these leftists?


6. How long more are they going to work for IRI government reformists? Haven't we had enough?



Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
July 6, 2003







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