Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Why Leftist CNN Uses Anti-Russian McCarthyism Against Trump
Sam Ghandchi

چرا سی اِن اِن چپگرا از مککارتیسم ضدروسیه علیه ترامپ استفاده می کند




In the last two years CNN did not presume innocence for President Trump, and the foremost labeling was in the tradition of anti-Russian McCarthyism (1). This may surprise an unbiased observer, considering the fact that CNN itself is more of a Leftist channel, but their goal is to drive out Trump, and pose as anti-Russian, to seem impartial, otherwise Russia and Putin are not their issue, as CNN had no problem with President Obama making overtures to Putin. Most of the sexual stuff about Trump would have been totally ignored if we lived in Europe, just like Sarkozy and Hollande, and I should note that it was wrong the way Bill Clinton was treated on personal matters too, but Democrats should not take their revenge on Trump. Using the unfair tactics of McCarthyism to win over our political opponent is simply wrong. President Trump has been very successful to win in the battle against Daesh, although made some mistakes including Travel Ban on Muslims.  President Trump has been so distracted by all these CNN attacks that he has not even used his power to fix Voice of America (VOA) in backyard of the Whitehouse. Two years has passed and still VOA is under the control of Steve Redisch (2) who was exported by CNN to VOA, in the last year of President Bush, and continued tenure in Obama years and still runs the show at VOA with his right-hand Director of Persian Service Setareh Derakhsheh (3) who has been favoring Islamist Reformists all these years, before and after the Iran Deal, whereas Iranian people really wish to have a political system just like the United States and that is why all want to come and live in the U.S. Those two VOA executives are the best examples of McCarthyism against their opponents at VOA, the same way CNN treats President Trump today. Genuine journalists present all sides of the news while not lying about their own political stand, and this is what VOA Charter is all about, nonetheless, these two VOA directors do not adhere to that outlook and have turned the image of VOA into something dull like the TV Broadcasts of Russia, Communist China, and Islamic Republic of Iran. Just as the American people stood up to McCarthyism of ultra-conservatives in 1950's, we must stand up to the Leftist McCarthyism headed by CNN today. It is abhorrent to use such tactics of trying to show people whose views they oppose as being on the payroll of Russia to shut them up. That is not fair, no matter who does it to his/her competitor.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

September 1, 2018





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استیو ردیش صدای آمریکا کیست


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