A Few Scattered Notes


1. Nobody in Iran gives a hoot about most of these groups that we hear about, including MKO and shahollAhis.  

2. shahollAhis were surprised that after the Aban81, the students made 16-Azar81 to become such a celebration, and the LA radios had to support the 16-Azar. Then they tried to hijack the students movement of Aban81 and Azar81 and called for 17-Dey celebrations. *Nobody* showed up.

3. It is amazing how mature the movement inside Iran has become, and it has its own leaders from Jebhe Demokratik and Jebhe Melli and others who have fought IRI all these years, but most of them are not known outside of Iran.

4. The IRI reformists try to depict the inside-Iran-opposition as 2nd khordad and  their MPs. Nothing is further from the truth. Most leaders are actually from the secular opposition and are products of events like 18-Tir of 1999.

5. The Iranian opposition exists in great numbers and with a lot of knowledge and programs for Iran's future, contrary to the case of Afghanistan and Iraq and it will lead the democratic change just like the Czech experience.

6. We should not alienate the US and Europeans.  The US and European support of Iranian pro-Democracy movement is critical. Even at the time of Mossadegh, the democratic movement tried to get the support  of the Western Democracies and not allow the dictatorial forces  to show themselves as the alternative for Iran. But both the opposition and the West made a mistake.

7. Frankly inside Iran, there are not one hundred and one groups like those abroad which are basically  historical artifacts of the pre-1979 and will be forgotten  the moment Iran opens up again. There is the pro-Democracy movement on one side and Islamism on the other. It is clear for the former that they want the end of Islamism, although they do not care to repeat refutation of the ones who are trying to depict as modified Islamism 2.0 version, as an alternative for IRI. Nonetheless even the ones like Amir Entezam have taken resolute position against the mellimazhabi alternative for Iran, and have called, in  no uncertain terms, for a fully *secular* republic, even though his own background is from Nehzate Azadi..

8. The leaders inside Iran do not see the need  to repeat again and again about their opposition  to MKO and shahollAhis. Those are history.

Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
June 18, 2003




Khatami & Khamane'i: King & the Prime Minister.  All Iranians have resembled Khamenei to Shah and Khatami to his prime minister, because the monarchy Iranians know means the King is the one who runs the business and the prime minister is the assistant.  If the model of Iranian monarchy was like England, then people should call Khatami as the king and Khamene'i as the prime minister. Because Khatami is the one who has a useless title and is for windowdressing with foreign powers and Khamene'i is the one running the show.  I think 24 years of IRI is the best proof that monarchy will not work in both its models in Iran.  I already have written about the dream of Iranian monarchy ever becoming a Sweden, and not much more to add.   And as far as monarchy and republic and future constitution, I have written in details.  And I should say Khatami is really finished. It is like the end of Gorbachev. The hardliners already know that he is finished. If the opposition puts any hope in him, it will only weaken itself.  


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