Returning MKO Leaders to IRI is a Wrong Policy


There is a news item from Etemaad newspaper of Tehran that the U.S. and IRI have agreed to trade Al Qaedeh's leaders Saif al-Adel and others, with Masoud Rajavi, Mahmoud Ataii, and Mehdi Abrishamchi:


Although I consider the MKO/MEK/PMOI cult to be a fascist cult that has damaged the Iranian democratic movement, but in my opinion returning the leaders of MKO to Islamic Republic of Iran is a wrong policy.  They should be taken to an international court of crimes against humanity to be tried for MKO violations of human rights of dissidents, but they should not be returned to the Islamic Republic of Iran which has been murdering Iranian dissidents. 


I believe MKO should be  liquidated to allow the honest people who had joined it, to fight the human rights violations of IRI, to be able to become part of the democratic movement of Iran.  MKO had misused the rightful aspirations of those who joined it to fight IRI, and made them vehicles of Iraq's Saddam Hussein's atrocities.  But these people had not joined MKO to work for Saddam and their intention was to fight the Islamic Republic of Iran which had murdered and killed Iranian people asking for democracy.  The MKO cult is worse than David Koresh and it had been suppressing the democratic right of its own members and had imprisoned the ones who wanted to leave, using Abu Ghorayb prison of Saddam where it tortured and murdered the former members.  It also had called the former members of its own NCRI who had left it, by all kinds of defamation, calling respectable people like Mehdi Khanbaba Tehrani and Hedayatollah Matin Daftari as IRI Vevak.


Despite all the wrongdoings of the MKO and its leadership, I am against returning them to the IRI.  MKO organization and prisons in Iraq should be investigated by the international human rights organizations and that process will help its current membership to get out of the cult and become part of the pro-democracy movement of Iran, as they had intended to be, and not a pawn in a cult.  The U.S. should publish the records of MKO collaboration with Saddam Hussein in the imprisonment and murder of dissident members.  If the leaders of MKO are given to IRI, they will be executed like thousands of others who had opposed IRI and they will become martyrs and heroes in the eyes of the MKO cult  members, and the cult will continue to survive in secret without change. 


The right approach to deal with MKO is to get the international HR organizations involved and those in its leadership who have been responsible for crimes against humanity to be brought to justice in the international criminal court.


As far as the Al Qaedeh leaders in Iran, the IRI should be asked to return them to the U.S. or to the international court in a specific time period or see the consequences.  Making deals with IRI is the last thing to help the progress of democracy in Iran.  IRI has no right to sit in judgment of MKO members or leaders.  IRI has been the regime that has been executing and killing people inside Iran, when people have asked for their rightful democratic rights and IRI is responsible for these atrocities, by not providing a democratic environment where these people could voice their thoughts.  If MKO was free, it would never even attract 500 people in Iran.  The IRI dictatorship must not be appeased by any such trade.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
May 29, 2003


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