Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Instead of Sanctions against Iran; How to Help Opposition
Sam Ghandchi

به جای تحریم علیه ایران، چگونه به اپوزیسیون کمک کنیم




Every time the US, Europe or UN want to help Iran's opposition, they levy sanctions on Iran. Following suppression of last month's uprising in Iran, US is doing the same again. Does this kind of international action help Iranians or Iran's opposition? No. Then, how to help? The answer was written 12 years ago in an article entitled "What Can US and EU do for Iran" (1). Allow international companies to work in Iran but levy an extra tax on their Iran-related business, and give the money to an international clearinghouse to support activities that help Iran's opposition. Personally I have founded and been running Iranscope web site (2) for 20 years but was never offered any financial help from the international community. Iranscope's journalistic activity is hard to miss in this world of the Internet, and all the work is fully transparent. The same can be said about many opposition activities which are not supported by the international community. All these are easy to determine by the Internet tools readily available today. Why does the West choose sanctions every time wanting to punish Islamic Republic of Iran, when in reality it is punishing Iranian people and the opposition, whereas instead, it can help Iran's opposition which really needs transparent financial help.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
January 17, 2018




1. What Can US and EU do for Iran
آمريکا و اروپا برای ايران چه کار ميتوانند بکنند


2. Iranscope Futurist Site

سایت آینده نگر ایرانسکوپ



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