Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Police Brutality in Iran's Prisons after 1396 Uprising
Sam Ghandchi

خشونت پلیس در زندانهای ایران پس از خیزش نود و شش


Police brutality in Iran and specifically in Islamic Republic's prisons is not anything new and this author wrote about it when an Iranian blogger by the name of Sattar Beheshti was killed in 2012 (1) and although the Islamic Republic later took the interrogators responsible for the murder of Sattar Beheshti (2) to court, but as we all know his family has been harrassed by IRI security personnel ever since for questioning the verdict, although Sattar's mother keeps speaking up (3). Iran's 1396 Uprising (4) which started less than two weeks ago has had more than 3700 prisoners and already three deaths have been reported from Iran's prisons. Police brutality is not limited to the IRI prisons and is widespread now on the streets of Iranian cities. World community needs to take serious action about these state sponsored acts of violence against Iranian people. Please watch the following video and judge for yourself about IRI violence against the regime's opponents (5).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
Iranscope Futurist Site

January 9, 2018




1. ایمنی زندانیان در گرو مبارزه با خشونت پلیس

2. Sattar Beheshti

ستار بهشتی


3. Gohar Eshghi, Mother of Sattar Beheshti

گوهر عشقی، مادر ستار بهشتی


4. درباره خیزش نود و شش

About Iran's 1396 Uprising


5. Video of police brutality against a demonstrator in Iran on Jan 7, 2018


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