Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Setareh Derakhshesh Must Step Down from VOA Persian Service
Sam Ghandchi

ستاره درخشش باید از سرویس فارسی صدای آمریکا کنار برود



Today a protest communique was published regarding a report by Voice of America (VOA) about Iranian Secular Democracy Movement's 5th Convention in Koln, Germany (1). The convention was held almost a month ago, but VOA reported it yesterday while reporting a meeting of Iranian separatists that was also convened in Koln, Germany, two days ago. The video of the first convention was used in the misleading VOA report (2) to give the audience the impression of a gathering by separatists, whereas Iranian Secular Democracy Movement in the last 5 years of its existence has clearly opposed separatism in Iran. Numerous complaints about Ms. Setareh Derakhshesh (3) have been published regarding her lack of knowledge about Iranian politics. It is time for Ms. Setareh Derakhshesh to step down from VOA Persian Service (4) to correct this situation which is viewed as US government attempt to push the separatists (5) on Iranian people. Also the actions of Ms. Setareh Derakhshesh are seen as an attempt by the U.S. to discredit Iranian Secular Democracy Movement (6) which has been continuously ignored by VOA news in the last 5 years.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
21, 2017



1. اعلامیه جنبش سکولار دموکراسی ایران درباره رفتار غیرحرفه‌ای و مشکوک صدای امریکا


2. گزارش صدای آمریکا از نشست های اپوزیسیون در کلن آلمان


3. Setareh Derakhshesh

ستاره درخشش


4. VOA Persian Service

صدای آمریکا 


5. Separatism
تجزیه طلبی


6. Iranian Secular Democracy Movement

جنبش سکولار دموکراسی ایران
















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