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Sam Ghandchi

آیا عمر حداکثر بشر قابل افزایش است

In recent years, Ray Kurzweil (1) has discussed a lot about increasing human longevity and even ending death (2). Last week Peter Diamandis quoted Ray Kurzweil as saying: "I predict itís likely just another 10 to 12 years before the general public will hit longevity escape velocity," which means for every year that youíre alive, science is able to extend your life for more than a year (3). Nonetheless, maximum age for humans seems to be around 125 years for millennia and although hygiene and medicine have increased the average lifespan for humans but the maximum age has been pretty much unchanged. Yesterday, a mutation was reported in a scientific paper saying that "Indiana Amish kindred (immediate family and relatives) with the mutation live more than 10 percent longer and have 10 percent longer telomeres (a protective cap at the end of our chromosomes that is a biological marker of aging) compared to Amish kindred members who donít have the mutation" (4). This discovery certainly shows humans' maximum age can significantly be higher even with the limitation of a purely bioglogical body.

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher

November 1
7, 2017



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