Down with Islamism/Islamic Fascism

Many of us were threatened for our lives by IRI agents on different occasions and they even threatened us to death, even in the West, when we posted news about their atrocities on the news boards of the Western democracies .  Now after they have gone the second step of Sept 11th and following the killing of Daniel Pearl and yesterday's killing of a missionary in the Philippines, Western democracies are becoming serious to wipe out Islamic fascism.  Below is the URL where it shows the heinous cold-blooded murder of Daniel Pearl by these Islamist murderers:


Iranians have been hurt the most by these murderers in the last 23 years.  Remember Foruhars, remember Bakhtiar and remember the slaughters the Islamists did as far back as Kasravi's murder.  Remember Khomeini's death threat to Salman Rushdie.  Their situation now is like that of German fascists in the last days of Nazi Fascism, when the Western democracies finally stood up to them to wipe them out.  In a way, the Sept 11th attack on the West became the Pearl Harbor of Islamic Fascism.  The democratic Germans and Japanese sided with the Western democracies when the West decided to wipe out fascism in WWII.  We Iranians should also support the West in its battle against Islamism.  Islamism *is* the Fascism of our times. 


Please help the authorities in the US, Canada, Europe and elsewhere if you have any information on IRI agents.  It has been fortunate that many IRI agents had tried to use the democracy of the West to harass the pro-democracy activists and thus showed up on many Internet discussion forums in the last 10 years, and we should use this opportunity to get these murderers arrested and brought to justice.  How do you think the IRI was able to kill Bakhtiar, Aryamanesh, Ghasemloo, Farokhzad, and others inside the Western countries.  It was thru their terrorist network in the West.  These people should pay for their murders. 


It has been long since the death of Bakhtiar.  Where are the culprits?  It is time that we all help to punish those who had done these murders in the West.  This is our duty to those who lost their lives standing up to IRI in the last 23 years.  All those who make up conspiracy theories and try to distract us from ending this fascism of Islamists, are helpers of the Islamists, and work hand in hand with the Islamist agents in the West.  We are now at the time that we can end this menace or we can let it continue for another decade.  It is our choice.

We have suffered more than any other nation in the hands of these murderers and they did not let us have one peaceful night of sleep, even when living in the West.  Yes, they slaughtered Ghasemloo and Farokhzad in Germany .  They slaughtered Bakhtiar in Paris.  They cut up the elderly Foruhars couple in Tehran.  They slaughtered about 3000 people in New York on Sept 11th.  They slaughtered Daniel Pearl in Pakestan and Martin Burnham in the Philippines. 


Yes, it is our choice to work together with the Western democracies to put an end to Islamism and Islamic Fascism or just stay on the sides and be happy with some other conspiracy theories of IRI agents and their victim games of third world underdogs, and let the Islamists to pass this period and stay intact.   It is our choice to put an end to this menace or wait and see more murders of the likes of Bakhtiar, Foruhar, and Pearl.

Let's remember all these now that their actions on Sept 11th and their killing of Daniel Pearl have woken up the West and the rest of the world.  Please do not fall for the tricks of IRI apologists who have been helping these murderers all these 23 years.  We are seeing these collaborators of Islamists who have been making radioactive bombs.  It is time that Iranians show that we are *not* on the side of Islamist fascists and together with the rest of the world put an end to Islamic Fascism of our times..


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
June 12, 2002


















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